Logging as a Service for OpenStack documentation

Don’t worry we are not going to reinvent logstash & syslog.

Why one more service?

As you probably know OpenStack is quite large ecosystem of multiply services that are collaborating together to implement OpenStack API. Sometimes to implement one OpenStack API method you need to use multiply OpenStack services. It goes without saying words that it will be hard to debug such well distributed system, especially if you don’t have logs.

As we already known it’s quite important to be able to store and query log in OpenStack. But current OpenStack infrastructure won’t help you with this.

Missing standard way to deal with logs produce to big issues: 1) Everybody that would like to work with OpenStack have to build custom logging system (duplicating of efforts) 2) We are not able to provide OpenStack API for working with logs, as a result we are not able to retrieve LOGs from Horizon. 3) We are not able to collaborate together to build a system of aggregation & smart analyze of logs.

Current goals

  1. Allows to setup :on presented resources logging service (e.g. logstash)
  2. Auto-scale of logging service
  3. Querying logging service to retrieve logs
  4. Integration with keystone that will allow project to auto discover where to store logs. No more billions changes in all *.conf files to setup logging in all services

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